I've been a little tentative towards the concept of DLC voice packs.

So far we've got:

FUNDED! $250,000: "Republican Double" by Kaiji Tang

FUNDED! $350,000: "Robo-Fortune" by Kimlinh Tran

FUNDED! $400,000: Female Announcer by Cristina Vee

FUNDED! $450,000: "Salty Parasoul" by Erin Fitzgerald

FUNDED! $500,000: "Drunk Commentator" by Joshua Tomar

FUNDED! $550,000: "Valley Girl Painwheel" by Danielle McRae

FUNDED! $600,000: "Saxploitation" by Rich Brown

FUNDED! $650,000: "Anime Peacock" by Sarah Williams

FUNDED! $700,000: "Real Soviet Announcer" by MikeZ

And I'm sure they'll all be funny, but I think I would've prefered canon voice packs that they could implement in story mode. (Like how they use certain color palette's during certain important fights.) I'd like to see a Male Double voice or a Filia with Memories voice. 

On the flip side, I can't wait for Drunk Announcer and Female Announcer!

Worst case scenario,if I wind up hating the DLC voices I just won't use them, so no big deal. What are your thoughts on voice packs?

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