I'm a fan of Alex Ahad's Canopy Kingdom, but I was thinking about what races there are.

Humans- Of course.

Ferals- So many types of ferals. There's like one in the background of almost every stage. Cat ferals in the Streets of New Meridian and Under the Bridge, Dagonians at the River King Casino and Little Innsmouth, snails and bird ferals at the Glass canopy stage. (I'm not counting Indiegogo backers original characters.) So far we've seen dogs, cats, Giraffes, birds, fish, sea urchins, goats octopi, crocodiles and even snails. Playable, or potentially playable, ferals include Nadia Fortune the cat, Minette the minnow, Yu Wan the cat fish, Stanley Whitefin the shark and Tom the salamander. Other feral characters include the River King the humpbacked whale and Nurse Patty the goat.

Gigans- Apparantly the race of giants that Parasouls father fought in a war. Their king's name was Gilgamesh. Scythana is stated to be a half-gigan.  This could mean she is smaller than the rest of the species due to human genes and might be the reason she has only one horn.Beowulf's opponent Grendel and his mother were also gigans. I theorize the clown from the Cirque de Cartes is a gigan due to his height and horns, I think Alex confirmed it.

Elves- I can't believe this is a thing, but apparantly it is. All we know about elves is that they are a rare minority within the Skullgirls world, but for all affects and purposes they seem to function exactly like humans. The only difference is their skin comes in a variety of shades and they have pointy ears. We have three known elves, which include Taliesin (obvious one). Dr. Avian (pretty shocking, but it explains his ears) and finally Black Dahlia (that one suprised me until I studied her ears in Ms. Fortune's ending.) So we have one with purple skin, one with human-like skin and one with grey skin.I noticed Big Band's ears are also quite pointy (when you can see them) but I think Alex would've mentioned it by now if he was an elf.

Parasites- Are they a race? No clue. Hard to call them a race when they all look so different, but the same can be said for ferals right? Samson, Leviathan, Avery, Sekhmet and Muse to name a few.

Trolls- The Bridge Troll who appears Under the Bridge is the only confirmed troll, but there are some sharp toothed humanoids working the River King Casino and some others being arrested in Big Band's flashback. Although, they could be some of the more humanoid ferals of some sort, I mean if Patty counts as a feral why wouldn't they.

Whatever D. Violet is- No clue.

Any other races I'm missing? I don't count cyborgs or the undead for obvious reasons.

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