Despite my best efforts I've become roped in by Kill la Kill hype.

Fillia- Ryuko Matoi/Samson-Senketsu. The schoolgirl outfit isn't really a sailor uniform but it could look good colored right. Plus the teenage girl host to toothy/glarey parasite thing is strikingly similar.

Parasoul- Satsuki Kiryuin. Uniformed human shields. Badass sword/umbrella. Could work.

Cerebella- Nonon Jakuzure. The hairstyle and giant hat (with a skull on it) just has too much potential. Supposedly Big Bands one skin is already a reference to her, and it's fitting because of the musical theme but it just doesn't resemble her so much. Some people theorize Cerebella's palette #20 is a reference to Ryuko, but I'm not convinced.

Big Band- Ira Gamagoori (Shackle Regalia.) Big guy. No arms. Mouth piece.

Peacock- Nui Harime (Later appearance.) Peacock and Nui are the only characters who really wear dresses rather than skirts. They're also both badasses with [Spoiler] sharp teeth and no arms.

Eliza- Ragyou Kiryuin. The dress in really similar, with the right colors it'd be identical. Plus the hair style is similar enough to be recognizable. Only problem would be the rainbow stuff, but if they nail the rest of it, it wouldn't matter.

I'm pretty stumped on potential palettes for Valentine (Rei Houmaru?), Miss Fortune (Nudist Beach?), Beowulf (Tsumugu Kinagase?), Painwheel (Beserk Ryuko?) Double (Life Fibers?) or Squigley (No idea.)

So yeah, basically once again, after watching an anime I really liked I sat and thought up potential palette's for Skullgirls based on the characters. I remeber when I watch the Monogatari Series Second Season I really wanted a Nadeko Sengoku skin for either Fillia (because the hair) or Squigley (because Kuchinawa.)

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