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    Skullgirls Races

    April 22, 2014 by Miniminette

    I'm a fan of Alex Ahad's Canopy Kingdom, but I was thinking about what races there are.

    Humans- Of course.

    Ferals- So many types of ferals. There's like one in the background of almost every stage. Cat ferals in the Streets of New Meridian and Under the Bridge, Dagonians at the River King Casino and Little Innsmouth, snails and bird ferals at the Glass canopy stage. (I'm not counting Indiegogo backers original characters.) So far we've seen dogs, cats, Giraffes, birds, fish, sea urchins, goats octopi, crocodiles and even snails. Playable, or potentially playable, ferals include Nadia Fortune the cat, Minette the minnow, Yu Wan the cat fish, Stanley Whitefin the shark and Tom the salamander. Other feral characters include the River King the h…

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    Kill la Kill skins

    April 1, 2014 by Miniminette

    Despite my best efforts I've become roped in by Kill la Kill hype.

    Fillia- Ryuko Matoi/Samson-Senketsu. The schoolgirl outfit isn't really a sailor uniform but it could look good colored right. Plus the teenage girl host to toothy/glarey parasite thing is strikingly similar.

    Parasoul- Satsuki Kiryuin. Uniformed human shields. Badass sword/umbrella. Could work.

    Cerebella- Nonon Jakuzure. The hairstyle and giant hat (with a skull on it) just has too much potential. Supposedly Big Bands one skin is already a reference to her, and it's fitting because of the musical theme but it just doesn't resemble her so much. Some people theorize Cerebella's palette #20 is a reference to Ryuko, but I'm not convinced.

    Big Band- Ira Gamagoori (Shackle Regalia.) Bi…

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    Indiegogo Rankings

    February 20, 2014 by Miniminette

    Copy/Pasted from:

    So pissed about Hive being in the bottom three and five... But she'll always be number 1 in my heart!

    Character Vote 1

    ROUND 1

    26.6% : Eliza 24.7% : Isaac 24.4% : Annie 23.6% : Minette 23.3% : Stanley 21.7% : Aeon 21.1% : Panzerfaust 20.8% : Beowulf 20.3% : Venus 20.1% : B. Dahlia 18.8% : Feng 15.5%: Marie 13.8% : Molly 12.6% : Brain Drain 11.8% : Umbrella 10.6% : Scythana 9.3% : Roxie 8.1% : Mrs. Victoria 7.9% : D. Violet 7.8% : Taliesin 7.2% : Samson 7.1% : Beatrix 6.2% : Hubrecht 6.1% : Leduc 5.7% : Adam 4.7% : Ileum 4.7% : Yu-Wan 4.5% : Andy 4.4% : Hive 4.0% : Ottomo 2.5% : Regina

    Total Votes: 12012

    ROUND 2

    25.3% : Eli…

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    I've been a little tentative towards the concept of DLC voice packs.

    So far we've got:

    FUNDED! $250,000: "Republican Double" by Kaiji Tang

    FUNDED! $350,000: "Robo-Fortune" by Kimlinh Tran

    FUNDED! $400,000: Female Announcer by Cristina Vee

    FUNDED! $450,000: "Salty Parasoul" by Erin Fitzgerald

    FUNDED! $500,000: "Drunk Commentator" by Joshua Tomar

    FUNDED! $550,000: "Valley Girl Painwheel" by Danielle McRae

    FUNDED! $600,000: "Saxploitation" by Rich Brown

    FUNDED! $650,000: "Anime Peacock" by Sarah Williams

    FUNDED! $700,000: "Real Soviet Announcer" by MikeZ

    And I'm sure they'll all be funny, but I think I would've prefered canon voice packs that they could implement in story mode. (Like how they use certain color palette's during certain important fights.)…

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    No Poster for Squigly?

    December 3, 2013 by Miniminette

    So far every Skullgirls fighter has gotten a sweet stylized poster with loads of fancy flavor text... save for Squigley. Even Big Band who was released after her got one! Very strange.

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