aka Marie

  • I live in School
  • My occupation is singing
  • I am female
  • LabRatsBrase

    1) Marie

    2) Peacock

    3) Parasoul

    4) Ms.Foturne

    5) Painwheel



    That's my 7 favorite skullgirls charatcers.

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  • LabRatsBrase

    Hi, so I want to give what I think about skullgirls.

    I never played it, BUT this is what I think about it.

    1) I think it's cool. I love fighting games!

    And also, I'll be sharing my favorite charatcer.

    2) My favortie charatcer is Marie,Filia,Parasoul,Valentine and Ms.Fortune.

    My blog sucked, deal with it. I don;t know much about skullgirls.


    Twitter: TomodachiVikki

    Skype: savvy.heart

    Youtube: LabRatsBrase

    If you want to contact me, there you go!

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