Most Important:

  • All stage pages up to date and of equal quality.
  • All character pages up to date and of equal quality.
  • Update Voice Pack Listing page and other character '/Quotes' pages.
  • Create 'Taunt' page.
  • Make it clear on 'Skullgirls', 'Skullgirls Encore' and 'Skullgirls 2nd Encore' pages the difference between versions for filthy causals general community clarity.
  • Add info on Queen of the Hill Mode.
  • Prepare for the great Robo-pocalypse of July 2015.

Secondary Importance:

  • Crediting voice actors/actresses on Voice Actor Listing page.
  • Completing all character '/Script' pages.
  • Complete merchandise pages.
  • Update infoboxes with new format.
  • Organize galleries with new images (and complete my previous blog post on images)
  • Update HUD/Basic Mechanics/Advanced Mechanics pages.
  • Creating a 'hub' page where all these important pages link together.
  • Attempt to update wiki main page with new format...?
  • Update all character Move Lists.

  • Adding images for the new character Color Palette section format.
  • Add a sub header on playable character pages linking to Gallery/Quotes/Move List/Script.
    • Remember to add Unlimited Hat Works/Marie 300% for all characters those scripts include, plus include Gallery/Quotes/Script/Host(?) for parasites!
      • Maybe add 'main script' and 'also appears in:' with a smaller icon?
        // Done for Filia (but needs relations page to be made). Complete for all characters.
    • Remove infobox links for playable characters, playable parasites and Albus/Horace when done.
  • Delete unused images that were replaced on the move lists.

+ all other stuff on my to-do list word document.

I have a feeling I don't have much longer to complete this all now (the game might release late this month/early next month)! I was supposed to start today now I'm back from my holiday but I got addicted to Splatoon. And you better believe I'm the freshest squid-kid on the block because of it!

If there is anything else you think is important or if you have any ideas for what needs to get done, just let me know.

Also great job to everyone who helped create/update the Voice Pack /Quotes pages (plus any other edits I might have forgotten to specify)! That was a whole lot of new content dumped together in just one update!

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