I found these links from the background designers official blog that contain some of the newer stages final stage design, there background NPCs (with animations!) and all the concept work/process that were done to make it. The problem is that I'm too busy (lazy) to add them all. Instead I added the links to them in case anyone wanted to look/add them on themselves:

  • Glass Canopy:[1]
  • Under the Bridge:[2]
  • Rooftops Assault:[3]
  • River King Casino & New Meridian Rooftops:[4]

This means that some pictures of the NPCs already on the wiki can be replaced to their animated versions; and I guess the older stage concepts can be ordered in the gallery like they are in the 'Little Innsmouth' page.

I will probably add some myself in time, it's just that since there's so many it might be a good idea for the wiki users to contribute together. In fact, since there's so many we may decide not to add all of them - only the 'most important' ones.

This blog was made just to hold an easy-to-access archive of these images, really. And discuss them if needed, I guess.

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