Hi, everyone!

I wasn't sure where to post this, so I decided to make a blog about it! Basically we have three different DLC categories on the wiki:

1) Indiegogo Mysterious Characters - I have marked this category with a delete tag, as I feel like the the category name is inaccurate and the other two categories should be used instead.

2) Upcoming DLC - I feel like this should be renamed to 'Confirmed DLC', as at this time Squigly has been released. Over time the other characters will be released as well.

3) DLC - This should be the main DLC page and should include all charaters that have been considered for DLC from the Indiegogo Campaign. And while (2) Upcoming DLC could still be used along side this category, It still isn't needed if we adapt this category page to include a confirmed DLC gallery as well.

So do you think this a good idea to act apon? Or is there anything here you disagree with? Specifically should we use both categories (2) and (3), or just category (3)?

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