I have been adding screenshots of the images found in the Art Gallery lately, and while I'm not quite there yet, I am coming close to the inevitable Cinematics section.

My original plan was too upload them as tiny video galleries, were clicking on them would play the video on an enlarged screen. Problem is I am unsure how to record off Steam, which is the only system I play the game on. :/ Along with being too stingy to pay for/download a video software.

So my other ideas include:

  1. Take screenshots of the images + text in the cutscenes and group them together in a tag somehow. Kind of like a slideshow of the scene without the music.
  2. Take the photos of the thumbnails of the cutscenes only (though most of them are the same image of a Filia silhouette to avoid Spoilers).
  3. Somehow get someone else to upload the cutscenes on Youtube or something similar.
  4. ...Don't bother adding the Cinematics section? *shrugs*

Which one of these do you think I should do? If any of you have any other ideas as well let me know!

Edit: I have decided that adding tiny video galleries would be the ideal option if possible. So now I am looking for video sources that can be added. If anyone here is able to record just the cutscenes alone (or edit a full Story Mode video down to just the cutscenes), that would be great. However, since that is highly unlikely, we need to find an alternative option. We could post this onto the Skullheart forums asking for sources or maybe ask a dedicated YouTuber who posts Skullgirl Videos. That would probably be too much hassle though.

Maybe we should just literally post a standard Story Mode playthrough with a list highlighting at which point a cutscene takes place. For Example, lets say we have a Filia playthrough. The list on the wiki would say '1:34 - Filia Flashback 1'. going to minute 1:34 on the video would play that particular cutscene (I know this is obvious but I'm just trying to make it clear in case). It's a bit long winded, but it might be the best option if the others suggestions aren't available.

Again, I'm open to any other suggestions if you have them!

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