Skullgirls Mobile is a free-to-play mobile spin-off/prequel of the original Skullgirls developed by Hidden Variable Studios. It was released for iOS and Android under LINE Corporation on May 25th 2017.

New FeaturesEdit

Fighter CardsEdit

In lieu of a roster made up of completely different characters, Skullgirls Mobile has fighters based on six different color palettes (including the original) of cast members from Skullgirls 2nd Encore, each with a unique title besides the character's name. From there, fighters are split between rankings of bronze, silver and gold (with two palettes each per rank). Each character palette is associated with its own element: fire, water, wind, light or dark.

Bad Hair Day Bronze Dark
Frayed Ends Bronze Fire
Hair Apparent Silver Wind
Bad Ms. Frosty Silver Water
Parasite Weave Gold Fire
Dread Locks Gold Light
Understudy Bronze Water
Headstrong Bronze Light
Gray Matter Silver Dark
Big Top Silver Light
Armed Forces Gold Wind
Harlequin Gold Fire
Rerun Bronze Fire
Sketchy Bronze Wind
Inkling Silver Dark
Peashooter Silver Wind
Untouchable Gold Water
That's All, Folks! Gold Light
Sheltered Bronze Fire
Heavy Reign Bronze Wind
No Egrets Silver Water
Ivy League Silver Wind
Primed Gold Dark
Princess Pride Gold Light
Rusty Bronze Light
Twisted Mettle Bronze Water
Rage Appropriate Silver Water
Blood Drive Silver Fire
Buzzkill Gold Wind
Raw Nerv Gold Dark
Scrub Bronze Wind
Icy Hot Bronze Water
Graveyard Shift Silver Dark
O Mai Silver Fire
Silent Kill Gold Water
Last Hope Gold Light
Big Band
Bassline Bronze Wind
Beat Box Bronze Fire
Resonant Evil Silver Dark
Robocopy Silver Water
Private Dick Gold Fire
Epic Sax Gold Light
In Denile Bronze Water
Decrypted Bronze Dark
Bloody Valentine Silver Wind
Scarlet Viper Silver Fire
Diva Intervention Gold Light
Bloodbath Gold Dark

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