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Skullgirls Salty Parasoul Voices

Being SelectedEdit

  • Egrets, get ready!

Pre-Round IntroductionEdit

  • Defeat ME?! HAH! Don't be ridiculous!
  • Don't screw this one up, Egrets.
  • You will refer to me only as Your Highness!
  • Come at me. Let's finish this!
  • Come and get some'a THIS!!
  • En-fricken'-garde!
  • Do you realize who I am, little girl?! (vs. Filia)
  • Let's go, freak show! (vs. Cerebella)
  • Let's see you in action, YA LITTLE BITCH! (vs. Peacock)
  • Impersonating an officer is treason. (vs. Parasoul)
  • Back to the pound, you filthy animal! (vs. Ms. Fortune)
  • Ughhhh!... the state of your face! (vs. Painwheel)
  • Those balloons are holdin' you down, baby girl! (vs. Valentine)
  • What the HELL ARE YOU?! DO YOU EVEN HAVE ARMS??! (vs. Double)
  • I'm gonna kick your brass! (vs. Big Band)
  • You're about to be cremated. (vs. Squigly)
  • The only "royal" you are is a ROYAL PAIN IN MY ASS! (vs. Eliza)
  • It's time you were put down, you mangy cur! (vs. Beowulf)
  • You're in for some heavy petting! (vs. Robo-Fortune)


  • Up high! (f+LP)
  • Down low! (f+MP)
  • Too slow! (b+HK)
  • Up here! (b+HK)
  • Behind you! (j.b+LK)
  • Headshot! (Napalm Shot L)
  • Burn! (Napalm Shot L)
  • Tear! (Napalm Shot M, Napalm Toss)
  • Crying yet? (Napalm Shot M)
  • Shot to the face! (Napalm Shot H)
  • Take it! (Napalm Shot H)
  • Toss! (Napalm Toss)
  • Hah! (Napalm Toss)
  • Leave me. (Egret Call)
  • Huh?! (Egret Call)
  • YOU take it! (Egret Dive)
  • WHAT? (Egret Dive)
  • Drag 'em through the dirt! (Egret Charge)
  • Like that? (Napalm Trigger)
  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. (Napalm Trigger)
  • Eat this! (Napalm Quake)
  • Watch your feet! (Napalm Quake)
  • Incinerate! (Napalm Pillar)
  • In ya faaaace! (Napalm Pillar)
  • I SAID FIRE! (Silent Scope)
  • TAKE THE DAMN SHOT! (Silent Scope)
  • Get 'em, boys! (Motor Brigade)
  • RIDE, YOU IDIOTS! (Motor Brigade)
  • AFTER THEM, YOU MORONS! (Motor Brigade)
  • Get in here and SHOOT THEM! (Inferno Brigade)
  • Can't block THIS! (Ground throw)
  • Scrub! (Ground throw)
  • Ya slow! (Air throw)
  • Stay free! (Air throw)
  • Not a chance! (Throw tech)
  • Don't touch me! (Throw tech)
  • Get off me! (Throw tech)
  • Where are my damn Egrets?! (Burst)
  • Think you're clever, huh?! (Burst)


  • Ugh, I'll do it myself! (Switching in)
  • Get it up, Krieg! (Switching in)
  • Lemme at 'em! (Switching in)
  • Take a nap! (Switching in with Ms. Fortune)
  • Down, boy. (Switching in with Beowulf)
  • I'm not done with you! (Switching out)
  • I'll be back. (Switching out)
  • Get it done! (Switching out)
  • Peasant! (Switching out with Filia)
  • Circus freak! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • Pea-COCK! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • Show 'em your Peacock! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • House pet! (Switching out with Ms. Fortune)
  • Freak show! (Switching out with Painwheel)
  • KNOC-KERS! (Switching out with Valentine)
  • Hot mess! (Switching out with Double)
  • Tin can! (Switching out with Big Band)
  • Booty call. (Switching out with Squigly)
  • Psycho. (Switching out with Eliza)
  • Here, boy! Tsk tsk tsk tsk! (Switching out with Beowulf)
  • Rust bucket. (Switching out with Robo-Fortune)
  • SHUT YOUR FACE! (Outtake)
  • Outta my sights! (Outtake)
  • Get lost, scrub! (Outtake)


  • Beginner's luck. (Ground recovery)
  • Just a scratch. (Ground recovery)
  • Never again. (Ground recovery)
  • Freakin' OUCH! (Ground recovery)
  • H... how?! (Ground recovery)
  • [Chuckling] Basic tactics. (Ground recovery)
  • Worthless. (Opponent recovery)
  • Embarrassing! (Opponent recovery)
  • How dull. (Opponent recovery)
  • You're awful. (Opponent recovery)
  • Just die! (Opponent recovery)
  • Why, you little...! (Opponent recovery)


  • Ooohhhhh, yesss. That felt good!
  • I am embarrassed facing you. Shocked... and embarrassed.
  • You picked the wrong bitch to mess with!
  • I won!... No thanks to these worthless Egrets.
  • I make this look good.
  • [Sighs] I'm gonna need a spa after this.
  • Beating you down is the only therapy I need.
  • Back to the dumpster, child! (vs. Filia)
  • We have to do something about this homeless situation. (vs. Filia)
  • Child's play! (vs. Cerebella)
  • Wretched little twerp! (vs. Peacock)
  • Hata's gonna hate! Boo-yah! (vs. Peacock)
  • They can tell us apart by the scars, now! (vs. Parasoul)
  • That's it; I'm having you de-clawed! (vs. Ms. Fortune)
  • What the HELL, kitty?! You're not cuddly at all! (vs. Ms. Fortune)
  • How sad... for you. (vs. Painwheel)
  • HAH! "Major surgery," my ass! (vs. Valentine)
  • Egrets, wipe up this mess! (vs. Double)
  • [Sighs] How the hell did I survive that? (vs. Marie)
  • That's right, little miss. (vs. Squigly)
  • Go cry to your "mummy!" (vs. Eliza)
  • Back in your cage, DOG! (vs. Beowulf)
  • Play dead. (vs. Beowulf)
  • Cheap junk! (vs. Robo-Fortune)


  • Useless Egrets!
  • Ohh... NOOOOO!
  • Clown shoes. (vs. Cerebella)
  • I forgive me. (vs. Parasoul)
  • I was unprepared! (Vs. Peacock)
  • I LET you win. (Vs. Squigly)
  • It's like a... TRUCK... (vs. Big Band)
  • Harlot. (vs. Eliza)
  • WHERE THE HELL ARE MY EGRETS??! (Time-out loss)
  • Stop turtling! (Time-out loss)


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