Roberto Continello

Roberto. Likely seconds before his death.

Roberto Contiello is the father of Sienna "Squigly" Contiello and Leviathan's previous host. He has a brief appearence in Squigly's story.


He makes a single appearence in Squigly's story after Black Dahlia slaughters his family and his wife Selene becomes the Skullgirl, telling Leviathan to keep everyone away from Squigly, even him.


In the picture to the right, he has a bloody hole in his arm where Leviathan once was and a trail of blood leading from him. Since he was Leviathan's previous host, that the host dies whan the parasite disconnects, and Leviathan keeps Squigly "alive", Roberto sacrificed himself to bring Squigly back to life. He most likely died of blood loss from Leviathan leaving him as he does not appear to have any wounds sustained from Black Dahlia's attack. He is not seen in Selene's undead army, nor Marie's.


  • Since Leviathan is passed down through the Contiello family, Roberto is the heir by blood while Selene married in.
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