"Deep down I'm just the Samus everyone else" - Parasoul (Primed)

Parasoul (Primed) is a Dark-type fighter and her role is classified as "Damage".

Signature AbilityEdit

Parasoul (Primed)'s signature ability is SCREWED ATTACK

  • Gain ENRAGE for 5 seconds when spawning a TEAR
  • On TEAR DETONATION, inflict BLEED on opponent for 3 seconds per active TEAR


The card contains references to Metroid, a video game series created by Nintendo:

  • The card's name Primed is a reference to Metroid Prime.
  • Pararoul's color palette is the same color as that of Samus's Justin Bailey leotard in the original Metroid.
  • The card's quote mentions Samus, the protagonist of the series. "Samus" is also the pun of "same as" ("Deep down I'm just the same as everyone else")
  • The signature ability, Screwed Attack, is a reference to one of Samus's well-known move, Screw Attack.
  • A subtle one, but "Tear-spawning" and "Tear detonation" attributes may be references to the Morph Ball's bomb dropping and detonation. It helps that the Tear's design and detonation animation look like those of a Morph Ball bomb.

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