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Parasoul Renoir
Parasoul skullgirls
Crown Princess
Gender Female
Age 25
Birthday December 22
Blood Type A/SG (After Transformation)
Height 5' 10"
Weight 156 lbs.
Measurements 34DD-24-38
Likes Logic, Wine, Chess, Fencing, Training, Tennis, Diplomacy, Philosophy, Black Egret troops, Secretly watching 'Annie: Girl of the Stars,' Her sister Umbrella
Dislikes Overly emotional people, Relying on others, Those who speak ill of her family, Injustice, The Medici Mafia, The Skullgirl, Her sister’s antics
Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald
Parasoul (JP: パラソール) is one of the playable characters in Skullgirls.


Few know the terrors of the Skullgirl as intimately as Parasoul does: seven years ago her own mother became the Skullgirl that nearly destroyed the world. This tragic past has made her fiercely protective of both her country and her family, and these two priorities frequently come into conflict.

Parasoul is now the crown princess of the Canopy Kingdom and leader of its elite military squad, the Black Egrets. Wielding the living umbrella, Krieg, she fights with grace, poise and cunning to defend her family honor and destroy the Skull Heart so no one can repeat her mother’s terrible mistake.


After defeating the Skullgirl, to save her sister, Parasoul wishes her sister will never become the Skullgirl. Thus, causing Parasoul to become the next Skullgirl. In preparation for this eventuality, she orders the soldiers that she will personally train her sister Umbrella, in order for her to be able to combat what Parasoul is destined to become. They were last seen in a fencing lesson.


Parasoul, unlike her deceased father (who was a complete tyrant), is a firm, fair, wise, and diligent leader who vows to protect the kingdom with the Black Egrets by her side. Her childhood was centered around becoming a warrior that was worthy of her father's legacy. Underneath her serious personality is a noble leader who is thinking about what is best for her kingdom and her family. She attacks with grace, poise, and cunning to defeat her opponents and complete her missions. She prefers to take action over doing paperwork. Although she maintains a solemn demeanor, she tends to be furious whenever someone puts her loved ones in danger. For example, when Double and Valentine kidnapped Umbrella after realizing she has a unique bond with the Skullgirl, she was very determined to get her back.

When seeing the pain of others, Parasoul shows sorrow toward those who are suffering. This is evident during her quotes against Painwheel. She will notice her horrible disfigured body, saying to her "You poor girl... I never authorized this!". When she defeats Painwheel in battle, she will either apologize to her or states that "No one deserves this...", showing that Parasoul is a very caring leader and a kind ruler.

Fighting Style

Parasoul is a strategic charge fighter on the battlefield as her moves have range and can keep her opponents at bay. Her living weapon Krieg is capable of shedding Napalm Tears that can be placed around the stage when Parasoul shoots it with her luger or twirls it around. She also has the option to detonate one or all of them. Also, her soldiers are more than eager to help her gain the upper hand by defending her from projectiles, drag her opponents away, or even momentarily distract her for her cancel, among other things.


Skullgirls Parasoul, Reporting For Duty!01:03

Skullgirls Parasoul, Reporting For Duty!

Special Notes

  • Movement: Parasoul's walking animation is different from most, she takes long strides in between steps making her speed a little inconsistent, the first part is faster since she takes a big step and it allows her to preform tick grabs easier than most. Her dash however is very fast and covers a good amount of distance in a short manner of time since it's one leap forward or backward, making dashes to grabs rather easy as well.
  • Double Links: Several of Parasoul's normals can be canceled into themselves allowing her to perform two consecutive attacks, where most characters can only perform a single, before continuing a chain.
  • Tears: Once set will automatically detonate after 150F. The can not be influenced by an opponent's attack, however if you are hit or thrown (including teching) they will vanish, blocking will not cause this. Detonation of Tears have a 10F startup, they have a large hit range and hit stun. Only 3 Tears are allowed at once, any more after that will make the initial Tears disappear in their order of being placed.
  • Pyro: Several of Parasoul's Normal and Special moves have an ignition effect that will cause Napalm Tears to explode on impact.
  • Aesthetics: Parasoul's palettes can include; glasses, stripped clothing, knee high socks, long boots, sash (left arm), stockings, fingerless gloves, colors of sleeves can be different from the rest of her blouse, color of skirt can be different from her blouse.

Color Palettes

Skullgirls - All 18 Colors -PARASOUL-

The first 18 of Parasoul's color palettes.

  1. Default colors
  2. Original colors
  3. Mirelle Bouquet (Noir)
  4. Original colors
  5. Original colors
  6. Original colors
  7. Parasoul's fencing uniform
  8. Black Egret soldiers
  9. Kneesocks (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)
  10. Original colors
  11. Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3)
  12. Olivier Mira Armstrong (FullMetal Alchemist)
  13. Original colors
  14. Kula Diamond (The King of Fighters 2000)
  15. Alruna the Succubus (Gaia Online)
  16. Megurine Luka (Vocaloid)
  17. Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  18. Samus Aran (Justin Bailey cheat code) (Metroid)
  19. Poison Ivy (DC Comics Batman #181) - Indiegogo backer color
  20. Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - Indiegogo backer color (though the color scheme shares many similarities to Umbrella)
  21. Char Aznable (Mobile Suit Gundam) - Indiegogo backer color
  22. Jean "Phoenix" Grey (Marvel Comics X-Men 90's appearance) - Indiegogo backer color

Move List


LP (Touché)

A quick stab with her umbrella.

  • LP - A second stab.

2 + LP (Garde)

Taps the opponent with the tip of her umbrella.

8 + LP (Poussée)

Taps quickly with her umbrella.

MP (Coup d'arrêt)

Steps with her back foot and smacks the opponent with the side of her umbrella. Pyro.

2 + MP (Coup Double)

Thrusts her umbrella 2 times very quickly. Pyro.

8 + MP (Crescent Burn)

Swings upward with her umbrella. Pyro.

HP (Arc de Feu)

A vertical slash with her umbrella. Pyro.

  • HP - A second slash. Pyro.

2 + HP (Prominence)

Rises while doing a arched swing over her head. Launcher. Jump Cancelable. Pyro.

8 + HP (Poêle à Frire)

Slashes straight down with her umbrella. Knockdown. Pyro.

LK (Persistence)

A swift but brief low kick.

  • LK - A repeated kick.

2 + LK (Virtue)

A small kick with the end of her foot.

8 + LK

Kicks forward.


A strong knee to the midsection.

  • MK - Extends her leg out to preform a kick.

2 + MK

Sits on the ground and extends her leg out.

8 + MK

Flips forward and opens her umbrella as she kicks. Can be held to float gently toward the ground.


Steps forward and kicks with her back foot at a upward angle. Knockback. Wall bounces in the corner.

2 + HK

Stabs her umbrella into the ground and swings around it while sweeping with both feet. Knockdown.

8 + HK

Jumps on her umbrella and releases several flaming stabs beneath her. Since it elevates her a bit it can be used to extend her jump.

Command Normals

6 + LP

Pistol whips the opponent with her Luger while hitting overhead. Overhead.

6 + MP

Crosses her legs and slashes with her umbrella at a downward angle, hitting at the opponent's feet. Pyro.

6 + HP

Lunges her umbrella forward for a fierce stab.

4 + HK

Does an axe kick. Overhead. Launcher.

8 + 4 LK

Stabs behind herself with the umbrella as it turns into a drill. Hits 3x. Vacuum. Pyro.

8 + 2 MK

Preforms a downward stomp, if you connect with your opponent it will actually bounce you back up.


Napalm Toss (QCB + K)

Tosses a Tear that will stick in place (no hitbox). Air OK. Launch in a variety of ways depending on the button pressed (Note: pressing and holding the button yields different positions):

  • LK - Flings a low arched Tear that will stick to the floor.
  • MK - Flings an arched Tear at about Launcher height.
  • HK - Flings a long range (about 3/4 of the screen) arched Tear.

Napalm Shot (4 [hold], 6 + P)

Shoots a Tear across the screen that will hit as it travels, upon contact with anything it will place a Tear at that point. Can shoot horizontally or diagonally. Pyro.

  • LP - Average speed full screen shot. Lingers with explosive after the initial impact.
  • MP - Shoots below and in front of self before ricocheting up at a 45 degree angle. Anti air shot.
  • HP - Faster speed full screen shot. Lingers with explosive after the initial impact.

Egret Call (4 [hold], 6 + K)

Summons a subordinate that will do various things depending on the button pressed:

  • LK - An officer appears and distracts Parasoul. This is actually a unique cancel that actually returns you to a neutral state, allowing for interesting attack chains and even cutting your recovery and allowing safe blocking.
  • MK - An officer jumps in front of Parasoul, defending her from any projectile attack. Immediately ends if hit with a physical attack.
  • HK - An officer rides in on a motorcycle and attempts to grab the opponent and drag them across the screen.

Napalm Trigger/Quake/Pillar (2 [hold], 8 + K)

Stabs her umbrella into the ground and causes a shockwave, the strength and properties vary depending on the button pressed:

  • LK (Napalm Trigger) - Causes a small shake, will detonate the 1st Tear set, regardless of position. Pyro.
  • MK (Napalm Quake) - Causes a bigger quake and will knock down the opponent, causes all 3 Tears to detonate, regardless of position. Pyro.
  • HK (Napalm Pillar) - Causes a large eruption with a big vertical hitbox. Start up invincibility. Launcher.


Silent Scope (QCF + PP) [Level 1]

A projectile attack where Parasoul will call in a sniper from off screen, consumes 1 bar of Super Meter. This attack tracks the opponent anywhere on screen and will even cause knockdown on a grounded opponent. If traded with another attack you actually have enough time to continue a combo or call in a second shot since the opponent is forced to go through the knockdown animation.

Motor Brigade (QCF + KK) [Level 1]

Several subordinates ride across the screen on motorcycles, rushing the opponent, consumes 1 bar of Super Meter. Note they can be knocked off screen by enemy attacks.

Inferno Brigade (QCB + PP) [Level 3]

Several subordinates will gather behind Parasoul and begin firing bullets through her umbrella which shoots off numerous Tears, consumes 3 bars of Super Meter. This attack doesn't do much damage but is unaffected by damage scaling as each bullet does 1 point of damage each, for a total of 64 points of guaranteed damage.

General Strategies



MP > cr.HP > j.MP > j.HP > j.HK > LK • LK > MK • MK > cr.HP > j.LK > j.D+MK > j.HP


s.LK • s.LK > s.MK • s.MK > s.HK > cr.MK > cr.HP > j.MP > j.HP c.LK -> c.MK -> Forward + s.HP -> Silent Scope -> s.LK -> s.LK -> s.MK -> s.MK -> (Hold down) s.HP -> s.HP -> Napalm Pillar -> Motor Brigade



  • Her name, Parasoul, is a portmanteau of "parasol" and "soul".
  • Parasoul cameos in the background of Glass Canopy.
  • Parasoul's napalm attacks are named after a thickening agent often mixed with petroleum or similar fuels to make incendiary bombs, like ones used during the Vietnam War.
  • The pistol Parasoul uses is a Luger P08, a German 9mm semi-automatic pistol used during both World Wars, and a replacement for the earlier Mauser C96.
  • Krieg, the name of Parasoul's living umbrella, is the German word for "war".
    • Her sister's weapon is named Hungern, the German word for "famine," suggesting the weapons are named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Krieg is a Renoir family heirloom.
  • The design of Parasoul's 4th and 11th alternate color palettes were changed in a patch implemented on May 13th 2014, changing the coloration of the red crosses on her necklace to appear silver and white respectively. This change was announced on May 2 2014 after the Skullgirls Encore publisher Marvelous AQL couldn't guarantee legal action against a potential copyright claim regarding similarity to the Red Cross' emblem, which involves any red cross against a white background.
  • In an unused alternate ending, Parasoul decides to shoot the heart and Umbrella gets caught in the explosion. Parasoul sadly apologizes to her sister, saying it was the only way to save the kingdom, and Umbrella assures her that she "always does the right thing" before presumably dying.[1]
  • Her Silent Scope Blockbuster is a reference to the arcade game of the same name.


Official Art

Concept Art by Alex Ahad


Story Mode



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