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SG panzerconcept
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Measurements Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown

Panzerfaust (JP: パンツァーファウスト) is a super soldier engineered by Anti-Skullgirls Lab 3 for the Grand War and member of the Black Egrets.

Playstyle Speculation

After any Punch attack, pressing the button a second time will add an additional blast from the tank.

The shot from his tank arm won’t always be a projectile, but sometimes a booster to amplify the punch (think Big O’s Sudden Impact). Aside from striking directly with the turret, the treads can extend for a dual chainsaw effect. He might even grab one of the grenades from his coat with his regular hand, punching his opponent in the head with an extra explosive effect, or outright bash them with a missile. Panzerfaust would have super armor, if not at all times then certainly during specific attacks. Expect maximum, grandiose, beefy, WWII-esque imagery gone further over the top.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Potemkin (Guilty Gear series)
  • Iron Tager (BlazBlue Series)
  • Juggernaut (Marvel Versus series)
  • Hulk (Marvel Versus series)
  • Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers/Vampire series)
  • Big O (The Big O)
  • Q (Street Fighter III: Third Strike)
  • Ralf (King of Fighters series)
  • Clark (King of Fighters '13)
  • Shigen (Last Blade 2)
  • Earthquake (Samurai Shodown 2)
  • Mech-Zangief (Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter)


  • Panzerfaust is named after the WWII German anti-tank weapon of the same name.
  • Panzerfaust means "tank fist" in German, which is a reference to the small tank attached to his left hand.
  • Panzerfaust was the 26th possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $520,000.
  • Panzerfaust cameos in the background of Glass Canopy.


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