Painwheel skullgirls

Being Selected Edit

  • [Guttural screech]
Charconfirm painwheel

Pre-round Introduction Edit

  • Must... kill...
  • Uuuurrrghhhh...
  • Rrrraaaarrrghh!
  • GET... AWAY!! (vs Filia)
  • Close your head... (vs Valentine)
  • There's a bigger monster...behind you! (vs. Squigly)
  • Stay out of my way, old man. (vs. Big Band)
  • I'll give you a taste alright. (vs. Eliza)
  • One of Brain Drain's toys to smash! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • I'm gonna break you, robot! (vs. Robo-Fortune)

Combat Edit

  • SMASH!! (Buer Reaper)
  • PAIN!! (Buer Reaper)
  • DIE!! (Buer Reaper)
  • Death Crawl! (Death Crawl)
  • Feel pain! (Buer Thresher)
  • GO TO HELL!! (Hatred Install)
  • RRAAAAAGGGHHH! (Hatred Install)
  • It's nothing! (Blocking)
  • STOP IT! (Blocking)
  • SCREW YOU! (Burst)
  • No... (Escaping a grab)
  • WHAT...? (Failed grab)

Switching/Tagging Edit

  • Get down! (Grabbing after switching back in)
  • Must...stop! (Switching)
  • Not you! (Outtake)
  • Get away! (Outtake)

Recovery Edit

  • Say more...! (Opponent recovery)
  • Shut up! (Opponent recovery)
  • Kill... (Opponent recovery)
  • You... (Opponent recovery)
  • Go to Hell! (Opponent recovery)
  • UUUGGHH! (Ground Recovery)
  • Can't... STOOOOP!! (Ground Recovery)
  • NOOO!! (Ground Recovery)
  • HRAAHH!! (Ground Recovery)
  • Must... KIIILLL!! (Ground Recovery)
  • Ground hills! (Ground Recovery)

Win Edit

  • GO AWAY! (vs Filia)
  • Stay out of my way! (vs. Big Band)
  • You wanted blood. You got it! (vs. Eliza)
  • I'm not going back to Lab Zero! (vs. Robo-Fortune)

Loss Edit

  • [Defeated growl]
  • I won't...go back (vs. Big Band)
  • I hope you choke. (vs. Eliza)
  • Brain...Drain... (vs. Robo-Fortune)
Playable Fighters
FiliaCerebellaPeacockParasoulMs. FortunePainwheelValentineDouble
SquiglyBig BandFukuaElizaBeowulfRobo-Fortune
Voice Packs
Playable Fighters
Anime PeacockSalty ParasoulValley Girl PainwheelPolitician DoubleSaxploitation Big Band
Real Soviet AnnouncerFemale AnnouncerDazed Announcer
Skullgirls Voice Cast

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