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The following is a General Info FAQ. It's purpose isn't to teach you how to get better at the game. It's here to answer all those "other" questions.


Q: How do I unlock color palettes?

  • Color 7: Beat Story mode with that character
  • Color 8: Beat Arcade mode with that character
  • Color 9: Win with the character roughly 25 times in Versus (online and offline both count)
  • Color 10: Code is entered at the Controller Select screen in local versus as player 1.
  • for PC: idspispopd
  • for PS3: Down R1 Up L1 Triangle O
  • for 360: Down RB Up LB Y B

Q: How do I unlock Valentine's and Double's Storyline?
To unlock Valentine's Story, you must complete everyone else's Story first. To unlock Double's, you must complete Valentine's Story.

Q: How do I unlock stages?
They unlock as you play through Story mode. The "Class Notes" stage is unlocked upon finishing all tutorial lessons.


NOTE: Trophies that require you to do certain moves a certain amount of times can't be done in training mode. I've tried.

  • Threads of Fate: Finish Story Mode with all characters on any difficulty.
  • Sküllgirls: Simply finish Tutorial Mode.
  • Prolix: Do combos consisting of different amounts of hits and get different combo titles such as "Cute", "Poetic", and "Swell". 
  • An Ensemble Cast: You must play 10 matches using a team of 3 members and use a custom Ensemble assist for each of them, play 10 matches using a team of 2 members using a custom Ensemble assist for each of them, and play 10 matches using a character individually.
  • Instant Hair Dash: Perform 100 air dashes with Filia
  • Real Circus Damage: Perform 100 of Cerebellum's throws.
  • The Kitchen Sink: Throw every kind of item Peacock can throw. 
  • Good Hunting, Commander: Call for reinforcements as Parasoul 100 times.
  • Getting A Head In the Game: Fight as Mrs. Fortune with your head detached for a total of 20 minutes.
  • My Pain Shall Be Visited Upon You: Use Painwheel's super armor moves while being attacked a certain amount of times.
  • Medical Board Will Be Notified: I read that to get this one, you must do Valentine's level 5 super a certain amount of times. (Was alluded to in one of the tutorials that it may be 40 times.)
  • Toil and Trouble: To get this one, you must do 15 combos with Double using all of her shapeshifting moves. 
  • Breaking the Cycle: Break out of an infinite combo.
  • Call the Wardrobe Department: Use the first six costumes of every character in the game.
  • World Warrior Princess: Fight in all stages using the "Random" feature.
  • Happy Birthday: K.O. two characters at the same time. 

Achievement Tips and Tricks

  • Most of the character related achievements can easily be gotten with the help of a friend (or a second keyboard) who is willing to do nothing while you work towards the goal. Also note that they can be gotten through story or arcade mode.
  • For "Happy Birthday", find a friend who is willing to be a punching bag, lower both of his characters HP as low as you can, have him call for an assist and then hit them.
  • This video shows an easier way to get the "Toil and Trouble" achievement. Remember that you need to perform it more than once, and that Training mode doesn't count towards earning achievements.

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