Eliza Concept 2

Eliza (left) and Delilah (right)

Delilah was a previous host of the Parasite, Samson. She has yet to appear outside of concept art.

General InformationEdit

In-game dialogue (when fighting against Marie) suggests that she fought with Samson against a Skullgirl and/or the Skull Heart in the past, and that Samson was especially fond of her. In Eliza's Story Mode, Samson also reveals that he considers Eliza responsible for Delilah's death due to increased hostility towards Parasites and their hosts, although the exact manner of her death remains unknown.

It has been hinted that, as a host, she was stronger than Filia, as Eliza scorned Samson's current host for being "less worthy" than Delilah while simultaneously remarking that "even [Delilah] wasn't worthy".

Character BasisEdit


Delilah is a Hebrew name that means "delicate" or "languishing", which can be associated with weakness. This also shows in the meaning "[she who] weakened", which stems from how her name, like Samson, relates to the Biblical figure Delilah, a woman who Samson loved but betrayed him.

Trivia Edit

  • The hairpin-like weapons she wields are similar to the ones Filia had in some pieces of concept art.
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