The Renoirs are the royal family of Canopy Kingdom who reside in the capital, Canopolis. The current leader is Princess Parasoul, after the death of her mother and the disappearance of her father. The family protects their kingdom using a set of Living Weapons that have been passed down through the family, currently shown to consist of Krieg, Hungern, and Todd.

It is currently unknown how or when the Renoirs came into power. It is implied, however, that it was done by force, as Leviathan shouts "Usurpers!" if Parasoul defeats Squigly.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name was most likely inspired by the painting The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
  • The inspiration for their surname and their Living Weapons, as well as Parasoul and Umbrella's first names, creates a theme of umbrellas, also evident in the name of their kingdom, "Canopy".
  • It can be assumed that there is a fourth Living Weapon in their possession, as the known three are named after three of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse (War, Hunger, and Famine). Following the trend, the fourth would be named after the last Horseman, Pestilence, though its existence is unconfirmed as of yet.
  • In Skullgirls Mobile, there is an item called a "Renoir Egg". Not much is known besides that they are fragile and priceless. It is most likely based on the Fabergé eggs.