The Medicis are a crime family who control the Medici Mafia, a powerful influence in New Meridian and possibly beyond. Few actual members of the family have been named, though the ones who have play important roles in the story.

The patriarch of the family is currently Lorenzo Medici. Following him are his three children: Vitale, Filia's father, and an unnamed third son. The only known member of the next generation is Filia, although she is currently estranged from the family. Cerebella may also be counted as part of the family, since Vitale is her adoptive father, though she may not be in a position to inherit leadership and does not seem to take their last name.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name is taken from the real-life Medicis, a noble and influential family in Renaissance Italy that is considered to be the "original crime family".
  • Vitale is likely the oldest child, since he next to inherit leadership of the family, and seems to be the only son working on mafia matters with Lorenzo. Alternatively, he may be younger, but Lorenzo's older son(s) are unable to take the responsibility for one reason or another.

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