20130309122742-DLC Beatrix
Gender: Female
Dislikes: Being stuck in Cerebella's Shadow

Beatrix (JP: ビアトリクス) is a fiercely competitive magician hoping to dethrone Cerebella's current popularity to replace her, both at the circus and as an agent of the Medicis. Beatrix wears the Cloak of Damocles, allowing her to carry and apply an impossible array of props with some risk. She combines its genuinely supernatural properties with old fashioned sleight of hand for attacks nobody can see coming.

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

Now you see her, now she’s pinning you down with a barrage of knives before sawing you in half.

With her magic cloak, she’s able to hold an otherwise impossible diversity of weaponry. However, it does take an incredible amount of concentration to pull off the tricks correctly, and a mistake could be painful or deadly. The threat of danger is always looming above. Her cloak has an extra-dimensional property to it, and she is even able to counter enemy attacks and avoid projectiles by having them fall into the cloak instead.

Gameplay InspirationEdit

  • Ciel (Melty Blood)
  • Spiral (X-Men: Children of the Atom / Marvel vs. Capcom 2)
  • V-Ism Cody (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
  • Mycale (Akatsuki Blitzkampf)
  • Area (Street Fighter EX3)
  • Vergil's Spiral Swords (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3)


  • Beatrix was the seventeenth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $340,000. 
  • Beatrix, like the rest of the members of the Cirque des Cartes, represent a card of some sort. She represents the 'Club' set.
  • She appears as a spectator in the River King Casino and is the only official character to do so.
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