Fighting peacock by oh8-d4wgr3p

A picture of Avery by Alex Ahad

Avery (JP: エイブリー), or the Avery Unit, is the small fanged blue bird Parasite that resides in Peacock's hat. He is dressed like Peacock and has eyes that masquerade as his tail feathers.

Avery is a key part of Peacock's fighting style. He allows her to seemingly conjure weaponry out of thin air to beat down on her opponents. This is due to his unique connection between Peacock and a vast underground arsenal, allowing her to grab whatever weapon is needed at a moment's notice.

Some attacks that Avery is a part of include:

  • When Peacock kicks her hat, Avery will come out and slash at her opponents with his 2 knives.
  • When Peacock uses her 'Shadow of Impending Doom' attack, it sometimes drops a television that shows a menacing picture of Avery on its screen, or it drops the rare steamroller on her enemy, with Avery driving it. Avery will then screech and smash the steamroller until it breaks, dealing heavy damage to the opponent in the process (Referencing DIO in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 3).
  • Avery is also the one who helps Peacock pull off her "Argus Agony" Blockbuster, by manning the control panels for the attack.


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  • Avery is named after Tex Avery, a prolific cartoon animator who worked for the Warner Brothers. It is also a play on aves, the Latin term for a bird.
  • Avery is named "Patty Peacock" in various concept art, including Peacock's Model sheet, suggesting that Avery was originally intended to be female.
    • "Patty Peacock" could also be a reference to how old cartoon characters had their name first, then what species they were after. (e.g. Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse)
  • The fact that Avery is a male likely reflects on how a male peafowl is known as a peacock (with the female being known as a peahen.)
  • Due to his short stature, Avery stands on top of Lenny when speaking in the story mode.
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